Sunday, July 16, 2017

Summer Fashion Favorites


Taking these photos in Boston where I use to dorm in college brought back so many fun memories. I’m originally from the suburbs 40 minutes north of Boston, a small town girl living in the city was a dream come true. I knew once I got the taste of the city life, I wasn’t going back to the suburbs and I haven’t looked back since. The only downfall is that I don’t get to see my family and closest girlfriends as often as I would like.

How is it already mid July?!? Clearly I need to tan more because my poor legs are still so darn white (eeek) I'm hoping to head to the beach soon for a major tan session! Before the summer slips away I wanted to share some of my summer fashion favorites that are always on repeat!

Denim shorts
Well this is a pretty obvious one, no one has time for long denim jeans in 80+ degree weather. I love blue denim shorts but have lately been into colored denim shorts as well.

White top
A basic white top is always an essential, no matter what season it is, but a white top is my ultimate must have!
Protecting your eyes is so important, aviators are my favorite style of sunglasses.
Crossbody bag
I love crossbody bags, they are so easy to wear and most importantly your hands are free.
I am a total sandals girl, any style but my all time favorite are gladiators. Slides have been trending and they have also become my go to as well.

I use to be a statement jewelry kind of gal but I have completely been loving dainty jewelry. I love layered necklaces.

What are some of yours?

I’m going on a mini vacation this week, can’t wait to share!

Have a fab week babes xo


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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Casual Summer Outfit~ Embroidered Yellow Romper


Summer is in full effect and I couldn’t be happier! What’s on your summer agenda? Mine is to have lots of fun, beach days, BBQ’s, being out as much as possible enjoying the weather and eating lots of ice cream, duh! Two weekends ago I had a fun girls weekend sleepover, it was a blast! My BFF lives in the same state but in a different town pretty far from me, so seeing her is always a treat.

She took me to Providence, RI for the yearly summer Waterfire event, which was so nice. It definitely was a nice way to kick off summer for sure. If you live in the east coast, you should definitely check it out, it’s something different to see. Here’s the link to their website Waterfire- Providence, RI.

This adorable embroidered romper is from Target! Super cute and screams summer! I love the crisscross detail in the front and embroidery is so on trend. I love wearing yellow, it just puts me in a happy mood. Does yellow do the same to you? You all know rompers are every girl's best friend in the summer, so darn easy to wear.
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Monday, July 3, 2017

Designer Dupe: MIU MIU Embellished Velvet Slides


If you know me, you know I don’t spend a lot of money on shoes. I am extremely clumsy and would be devastated if I scuffed up a pair of expensive shoes. Knowing my luck it would happen in a matter of minutes. So I am always on the hunt for designer shoe dupes. I saw these MIU MIU embellished velvet slides awhile back and thought they were pretty interesting. I kinda even thought they were a little ugly but I kept seeing them everywhere and they were slowly growing on me. I saw one of my favorite bloggers style them and from there I had to have them in my hands ASAP! Obviously she has the expensive pair but I was able to scoop up a pair that looks exactly the same for $13.20. I know unreal deal right?!? The real pair goes for $750.

Clearly these slides are a statement on their own, so styling them was a piece of cake. I went with basic black denim and a crisp white off the shoulder top. I absolutely love this look, it’s so simple yet so chic! The pearl details just gives me that fancy feeling! Keven’s first reaction when he saw these were “WTF are those?!?” hahaha but when he saw me wear them with this outfit, he was really impressed with them and now tells me to wear my fancy slides all the time. The dupes come in many different colors but are selling out fast, since they are unbelievably cheap. I know these aren’t for everyone but if you're a fashionista, I think you’ll love them! Do you love or hate them?

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MIU MIU Embellished Velvet Slides $750.00
Faux Pearls Velvet Slide Sandals $13.20



Monday, June 26, 2017

Shift Dresses


It’s officially summer, woo hoo! What are your plans this summer? Anything fun? I have a huge list of things I want to do, hopefully I will get to do most of them! As you know I did a huge clean out a few months ago and I am in desperate need of some summer pieces. I’ve been on the hunt for some summer dresses, rompers, tops and some bottoms. I swear when I am looking for stuff I can never find things but when I am not planning to buy things I literally find everything. Ugh does this happen to anyone else?

Here are two casual summer looks, both dresses are from The first outfit is this cute shift dress in this pretty rust color. It’s super cute with the ruffles and the back has a criss cross detail. The second outfit is this beautiful black shift dress with a overlay in the front. This black dress is so versatile, I styled it casual with some lace up sandals but it would look fabulous with some heels for a night out. Which look would you wear?


As always thanks for stopping by babes xx

Monday, June 19, 2017

Shopping On A Budget


Shopping on a budget has been something I grew up with and something I still do to this day. My parents we’re immigrants from Vietnam and came to America over 30 years ago. They came to this country with not a penny in their pockets and not knowing a word of english was intense. They worked so hard to provide for my brother and I with the necessities to live day to day life. So you can imagine we didn’t get the newest pair of shoes that were so in or wear mall brands that everyone else were wearing. As a kid you don’t understand the value of money and I remember I would get so upset that we couldn’t afford things every kid had.

I grew up shopping at Marshalls, one of the best places to find brand names for less. Although they didn’t have the exact pieces that were in the mall, they had similar items. You could literally spend the same amount and walk out of Marshalls with a few outfits compared to going to the mall with just one or two pieces. As I got into my teens I started to appreciate Marshalls and realized wow I am getting really nice things for such a great deal and didn’t care to shop in the mall.

Now as an adult I literally live in Marshalls, hands down one of the best places to shop. Although I work hard and can shop wherever I want, I still shop at Marshalls. The deals are just too good to pass up. I love walking out of there happy with a bag full of goodies. This place has always had a special place in my heart so when Marshalls reached out and generously gifted me a giftcard to shop, I literally was ecstatic! I wanted to challenge myself and find a complete outfit for $50 and I sure did that. My entire outfit minus the sunnies came out to $48.97 (AMAZING), the nude sandals were $16.99, the denim shorts were $14.99 and the top was $16.99. My favorite item out of this outfit is the top. It’s so on trend with the one shoulder ruffle with pom poms, so cute! So if you haven’t shopped at Marshalls before you totally need to. I hope in the future Marshalls steps up their game up with online shopping.

Thanks so much Marshalls! xx

(similar items listed)
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Monday, June 12, 2017

Getting On Track

 Hey there my loves! This weekend flew by, I can’t believe it’s Monday already. I had a very productive weekend, we painted my little office and a lot of decluttering. I love how a fresh coat of paint gives a room such a face lift. I wanted to share something personal today, I’ve been wanting to make a permanent lifestyle change instead of doing these little "diets" that do nothing in the long run. So I’ve been eating clean for the most part and working out consistently this past week. My weight fluctuates all the time and it's something that really bothers me. I honestly just want to feel good and feel healthy so making this lifestyle change will do just that. I have no problem eating healthy and working out it’s just hard for me to stick with it. Anyone have any tips to stay consistent and not get bored? Luckily Keven is on board with this lifestyle change so it has made it easier for me. I’ll keep ya’ll updated with my progress in a few weeks.

On to my outfit, we had a girls night in the city last Thursday and I wanted to be comfy/causal since we were doing a little shopping and grabbed dinner. I knew it was going to get chilly once it got dark so I threw on this jean jacket over this super comfy jumpsuit and my favorite go to nude lace up sandals. Jean jackets are one of my staple pieces for spring & summer, so easy to throw on. It was such a nice evening, we were able to get outdoor seating for dinner which is always nice, great convos and yummy food! How was your weekend?


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Monday, June 5, 2017

Major Spring Vibes


Happy Monday, everyone! I wore this outfit last week when the sun finally came out. We’ve been having cold weather lately which is so bizarre for the month of May but then again New England weather can be so unpredictable, ugh! You would think I would be use to it, but I’m not. Bring on the sunshine!!

I wanted to talk about one of the hottest shoe trends right now which are mules, do you love them or hate them? I personally love them. How could you not love a shoe that just slides on with no fuss. I’ve been on the hunt for a low block heel in gray and I found these babies for under $20. I just love when I find an awesome deal and they are super comfy. The light gray color is perfect and can easily be styled in so many different ways. As you’ve seen on previous posts I love layering, it just adds a little something extra to a simple outfit. I turned this basic white top and denim shorts look into a more put together outfit by adding a little color. Anyone else obsessed with gray and pink color combo? I just love it! This outfit would also look great styled with dark blue jeans or even a pair of white jeans incase you don’t like wearing shorts. Hope you liked this weeks look!

I did want to thank everyone who read my last blog post, I received so much love! You guys totally rock! Have a fab week!! xo

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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Travel Diary: PARIS 2017

DSC_0583.JPGDSC_0122.JPGDSC_0195.JPGDSC_0190.JPGDSC_0402 2.JPGDSC_0477.JPGDSC_0795.JPGDSC_1074.JPG
DSC_0464 2.JPG
DSC_0431 2.JPG
DSC_0381 2.JPG
DSC_0394 2.JPG
DSC_0386 2.JPGIMG_3867.JPGDSC_1156.JPG

I’m back and feeling so happy and relaxed!!! Taking a week off and unplugging from the world was the best thing I could have done. I guess my phone really wanted to be off the grid too when it fell in the toilet on our first day in Paris and wouldn’t turn back on ha! Besides that, you guys Paris is beyond beautiful!!! I’m still in awe that I was there living like a Parisian for a week eating buttery croissants, ham & cheese baguettes, pastries, and delicious french cuisine.

Paris is exactly like what you see in movies, tv and pictures but even better, it was seriously unreal. While roaming the streets of Paris I was falling in love with every bit of it. I have never been to a city like Paris, it’s so magical. Everything about it was perfect- the architecture, sights, landmarks, food, bakeries, farmers market, gardens, literally EVERYTHING! The French way of living is so different from America and we were digging it. They like to conserve in every way which is great for the environment and don’t get me started on the food. I love how the portions were small and everything just tasted amazing, so different than food in America.

We saw the city on foot although Paris is metro friendly. I definitely listened to a few friends that told me to leave the pretty shoes behind and pack a good pair of sneakers and I am so glad I did. The one time I didn't worry my sneakers not matching my outfit lol! Can you guys believe we walked roughly over 150,000 steps, crazy but we were on a mission to see everything on our list. A week was not enough to explore the entire city but we did manage to see all the major sights, landmarks, and we even went on a fun boat tour. I just loved walking all over the city, we found so many cute random places.

Communicating was pretty fun, for the most part everyone spoke a little english, but there were a few times where the conversation was pretty interesting trying to communicate with a person who only spoke french. Everyone we interacted with were so kind to us but I did want to mention you do need to be very careful. Like you read and hear there are a lot of theft and people up to no good especially in “hot” tourist areas. We had two minor incidents that could have gone very wrong but thank goodness they were failed attempts and no one was hurt and nothing was stolen. You just have to be very vigilant.

This trip was so special to me, first is obviously checking this off my bucket list and making one of my dreams come true. Also I was happy to be apart of my Keven's first trip out of the country. Second is that my mom got to see Paris and she truly enjoy herself. My mom is one of the most hardworking women I know. She has never truly had a real vacation in her life because going back home to Vietnam to visit is not really a vacation. She works so hard and never takes the time to enjoy herself so I was so happy that she came on this trip with us. She had mentioned to me that it was her dream to go to Paris with me before she dies, like how could I not bring her on this trip after she tells me that. So not only did my dreams come true, hers did too! Seeing her enjoy this experience truly touched my heart. Lastly my brother proposed to his girlfriend at the Eiffel Tower, so cute!! Congrats you two, so happy for you both!

I could literally go on and on about this trip but I think I’ll stop here. Paris was a city I am so happy I got to visit and who knows maybe years from now I will see it again. We created so many great memories on this trip, memories that will last a lifetime! So now it’s time to go thru hundreds of photos of the Eiffel Tower to blow up and put on our wall of travels.
Side note- We were planning to take the Eurostar to London for a day but our plans didn’t work out. It’s crazy how things work because the morning we were suppose to leave to London, we heard the heartbreaking event that happened in Manchester. Sending love to everyone.

As always thanks for stopping by my loves!